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Mar 24, 2011

AQW Website Launch

Welcome to our new website, where we can now promote our members and the arts in Quinte West.

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Thanks to assistance from Trenval, Arts Quinte West now has its own website which has been created by poloDesign. We are pleased to have a way to help our members showcase their work and connect with lovers of the arts. Part of our purpose is to raise awareness of the arts and enhance the quality of life in the community; through this website, we can guide visitors to arts events and activities in the Quinte region. We are keenly aware of the role arts can play in the lives of residents; each of us has been fortunate to have been exposed to creative pursuits and our lives are richer for it. We hope to bring the joy of art to our friends and neighbours and this website will allow us to do just that. Please tell your friends, follow our Facebook page and join us at an event very soon!